Anfisa in Wonderland

«Anfisa in Wonderland» is a travel reality show.

Anfisa Chekhova is not only one of the most popular TV hosts, but also a model wife. Anfisa and her husband, theater and cinema actor Guram Bablishvili, have been together for seven years. In May 31, 2012, Guram and Anfisa had a son, who was named Solomon. However, they officially married just a year ago. Now the couple is seriously thinking about moving to Georgia. But first, Anfisa decided to get to know Guram’s homeland better and join her husband on a trip to Georgia to see how easy it is to be a Georgian wife.

Anfisa and her husband will visit the most beautiful, colorful and mouth-watering places such as Tbilisi, Batumi, Kakheti. Guram wants Anfisa to love his native land, learn to cook local dishes, and generally explore the traditions, history and culture of the country. Also, Anfisa can meet and spend time with Guram’s parents. Would Anfisa be willing to stay in Georgia for the rest of her life?

4 Release * 24 min.

The TV channel «U» (Russia) 2016

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