Wife to drive

This is a show about men, women and a little bit about cars!

«Wife to drive»” is a family reality show.

Many believe that women and driving are absolutely incompatible. This is a highly popular topic of anecdotes, comic videos and, especially, ironic comments made by men... Sometimes, it feels like saying “Come on, men! You’d better go and teach your wives to drive instead of mocking them!” Our reality show offers this opportunity.

Men would teach their wives to drive their very own family car in real life on real city roads.

Each episode tells a story of two couples. On the first day, wives test-drive our car on a driving test track. On the second day, they drive our car in the city, and the third day is the day when they drive their family cars. The wives would have to accomplish different tasks assigned by our hosts, such as to park, to refuel or to wash their car. Each new task is going to be more complicated than the previous one. The fourth day is the day for our participants to pass a driving test with a professional racing car driver, Valeriy Shevelev. The best students would earn $1000 for their families.

But the trick is that couples don’t know what is really being tested!

The main goal of the project is not to show the process of learning to drive a car, but to reveal true feelings and relationship of the couple in extreme situations. The show viewer would see each couple’s tears and scandals along with surges of love and tenderness. The result of the competition mostly depends on the strength of participants’ feelings challenged during the show.

20 episodes - 46 min.

The TV channel «U» (Russia) 2016

TV channels LNT, TV3, TV6, 3+, KNL2 (Latvia) 2017- 2018

TV channels TV3, 3+, TV6 (Estonia) 2017- 2018

Television channels NOWA TV, FOKUS TV, EskaTV (Poland) 2017- 2018

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