My New Life

Your soul can and must be treated as any other diseases!!!

«My New Life» psychological reality show with makeover elements.

This project discovers the inmost sides of the human soul. It gives understanding of the necessity to hear others, talk to your family and closest friends and not to hold a grudge against others or banish your fears.

The participant of the project experiences certain psychological tests that helps understand the simple things about itself.

12 women – 12 incredible stories. It seems they lost the path and their life worth nothing. They hate their lives and own bodies.

Each participant experience full makeover including plastic surgery by leading Ukrainian surgeon and psychological sessions by host psychologist Nataliia Lomonosova. The changes are unbelievable! Even family and friends impressed by the changes! However, it’s no magic! What it takes to be HAPPY WOMAN and start NEW LIFE – new and desired experience of women in MY NEW LIFE reality show!

The project produced after the format of “A New Beginning” distributed by

TV-channel “Ukraina” 2015

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