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About us

What is OK Media?
When meeting our team some people wonder what our name means:

- Only Kind people?
– Our team is indeed made of kind people that care about their work, but NO!
Only Knowledgeable?
– We do have an expertise in producing content for media, but NO!
– Is it a media company where everything is OK?
– OK, there is more to our name!

OK Media – is full cycle production specializing in content creator for TV media, digital media, and also design and graphics. And we are very OK!

Producers team - before starting their own company - was involed in creation of many successful TV projects:

  • «Rise», «Who’s against the blondes?» 1-3 seasons, «Hello, garage», «Intuition» 1-2 seasons (Novy TV Channel 2002-2009)
  • «Wife Swap» 1-8 seasons, «Without Mandate», «I love my country - 1», «Super Nunny», «From Ladette To Lady», «From G to Gent», «Miss Countryside» (1+1 TV Channel 2009-2013)
  • «Promzillas - 2» , «Masha and Models» (TET TV Channel 2009-2013)

Our team


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