Does fashion change too quickly?
Do fashion guru tips confuse you? You got nothing to wear despite your wardrobe being full?
Wardrobe Show - is a reliable sat nav in the fashion world!

Wardrobe - is the only “fashion-comedy” TV show in the world where your clothes will be sorted out – some will remain in your wardrobe while other will be thrown out!

In a friendly and funny atmosphere the host Svetlana Permyakova together with her assistant – stylist Vadim Abramov tidy the wardrobe of the participants, create new images on the basis of heros' wardrobes.

Wardrobe – is one of the world's makeover shows, creating new look both for women and men.

Show Slogan: Change Your Style, Change Your Life!

Pyatnitsa TV Channel (Russia) 2013

Novy TV Channel (Ukraine) 2013

3+ TV Channel (Latvia) 2014

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