Chains of Love

Chains of Love - is a reality show about relationships.

Could you imagine falling in love with a stranger you were chained to 24 hours a day?

Chains of Love will show love without rules and laws.

Four young men are chained together to a woman. They must go through mental, emotional and physical challenges, trying to win her love. But only one will be a winner. It‘s a test of compatibility, personal space and determination to find love. Indeed, some find their true love, and some are there for money. Passion and hatred, temptation and seduction, flattery and deception – all these emotions are in the Chains of Love!

Chains of Love Show – is a “test drive” of real feelings. Now men won’t be able to escape the commitment, because they are "chained".

Preventing an American version of Endemol Chains of Love

Novy TV Channel 2014